Sunday, November 8, 2009

Darjah Kerabat Yam Tuan Radin (DKYR) - 08.11.2009

One of the royar awards of Negeri Sembilan is Darjah Kerabat Yam Tuan Radin (DYKR). DYKR is the second highest class of honor in Negeri Sembilan and is only awarded to the Princes and Princesses of Negeri Sembilan who are decendants of Raja Raden ibni Raja Lenggang.
This award consists of a chain, a sash (selempang) and Crest of Honor. The chain has forteen roundles made from gold plated silver. They are decoratred with the Crest of Negeri Sembilan, the Changgai Puteri and the Nine-Pointed Stars. The sash of honor is mad of yellow silk trimmed with red borders. This is worn on the right soulder and hangs toward the left waist. The Crest of Honor is a nine-pointed star with the points design in the relief of a leaf. It is worn on the left breast.

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